Monday, April 13, 2009

so, i know i made this blog vegetarian but it still feels so wrong posting anything that isn't vegan.. i actually have in fact been cooking a lot.

This summer I will be photographing almost everything here:

get fit: summer 09

the blog is my 2009 summer fitness goal blog and hopefully I'll manage to use this tool to help me achieve my personal fitness goals in the next four or so months. Maybe once I get into the habit of posting vetarian meals once again I won't feel as concerned from then on?

We'll see, if not then this officially marks a summer hiatus of earthly delight until sept 09. see you then! x

PS please feel free to check out my other blog... and be perfectly honest if you think I'm being a complete dolt in any way. mk? x

Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet, Dessert, and Dogs has a new site!

DDD; Diet, Dessert and Dogs is a blog run by a fellow Torontonian, Ricki. I've actually unfortunately never met up with Ricki--not even for fair trade organic tea and vegan biscotti (which in Toronto is ridiculously easy to go out and get) but don't worry--we've got time.

In any case, in conjunction with the release of the coverwork for her upcoming cookbook "Sweet Freedome", Ricki has launched her new website; Super neat, right?

To celebrate, and help spiffy up her new site, shes holding a giveaway contest where alls he asks for is for you to give her some constructive criticism, or let her know what you for sure like/love. So do it. And win some maple syrup--if you've never had real maple syrup, you need to try it. If you're from Toronto, have some cake. mm cake.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I thought this was a super interesting thing to watch. If I'll go freegan all too soon? Maybe not... there are a lot of homeless in my area of town who I'm sure need the bagels put out by Timmy-Ho's each night more than I. But definately (free) food for thought.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So I'm back from Costa Rica!

It was simply amazing, there was MORE than enough food--I barely ate any of the luna bars. There were one or two restaurants that were lacking, but for the most part it was all you can eat buffets that were costa rican/american fusion so I loaded up on salads, (often fresh) bread, veggies, and lots of wonderful fresh fruit!!! :D Mmmmm... And of course, rice and beans!!! (Gallo Pinto!) (I also ate non-vegan things like scrambled eggs, oatmeal (which was always made with milk), and a lot of cheese sandwiches as my prepared bag lunch, so if you're a vegan travelling on a trip like this, DO bring those luna bars--they'd have been much more essential were I vegan!)

I wish I knew how to put these photos behind a link, but I'm afraid I'll have to just share them all with you whether you like it or not... hope no one has dialup... PS Throughout the photos notice I am NEVER without my field book. I sometimes left it when I went to the loo. Sometimes.

Frist day there I was starving, bought a fruit I'd never tried before. It was green with purple flesh and white milky sap. Strange, but definately good.

The fruit was, in general, AMAZING. Every day we had fresh papaya, watermelon, and pineapple--without fail. Cantaloupe made a few appearances, and banana one or two (which was strange, because they served them to the workers, just often not us.) Mangos were not in season. *BIG ANGRY FACE* But I guess I shouldn't complain. :P

The most amazing quesadillas of my life. Fresh salsa and refried black beans to accompany. The quesadillas were filled with lots of fresh veggies and there was a vegan option, because they gave the same dish to the girl with a milk allergy travelling with us. (I'm pretty sure mine had cheese, from the photo at least. While eating all I could taste was amazing. She agreed it was very good.)

The pineapple-guava jam was AMAZING. If you ever see it in the supermarket (I actually saw some today) I HIGHLY recommend trying it.

sometimes they were less creative with their vegetarian options, but that was ok...

Sometimes they were VERY creative... this was actually an awesome sandwich. The bread was home baked, not just factory whitebread (though not much more nutritionally valuable, a bit tastier) and the veggies were just ground up steamed veggies I recognized from the buffet the night before. But I think they added some garlic and spices. It was rather tasty. Maybe 4 hours of hiking does that to anything, i dont know... but I remember I wasnt starving when I ate it and liked it anyway.

One of the things I always have loved is Bananas. Especially the idea of finding wild bananas. On one of our hikes through a national park I spotted some banana trees that I recognized couldn't be cultivated bananas (there are some differences). No one believed me so they all got to see the short asian girl jump. and jump. and jump. And finally knock a banana down. It was ridiculously hard to peel, I ended up having to use a knife, and it got sticky sap all over my hands. Those are two reasons we don't eat wile bananas, and this is the third;

SEEDS. That, and they taste like crap pretty much. NOTHING at all like the sweet bananas we're used to, or even the starchy-savory/sweet plantanes.

Oh, and by the way, that hike was through the rainforest. Let me just say, your state of being in the rainforest is "sweaty"... I used to want to work in the Amazons. No. Just no. Dry heat for me. PS notice the sunburn. It was horrid. ><

Saw some volcanoes.

Hiked through the cloudforest.

Hit up a beach or two.

And a swamp. and dry forests. and transition forests. and mountains. and hot springs.

So I'll leave it at that. I had a great time! (There are some photos I left out on flickr, if you want to see STILL more.)

Now, on a slightly different topic, I just wanted to say. CCV (aka CCK, now) is having a jocolate giveaway. Talk about YUM. ^__^ Run over before March 19th to get in on the action! Best of luck!

OH WAIT. One more thing. The truth about shade-grown coffee.

Its bollox. The trees that provide the 'shade' really just take up room where coffee plants could be planted, meaning that the fields need to be even LARGER to get the same amount of coffee. This was one of the BEST shade grown coffee plantations we saw, BY FAR. So imagine what the average, or even the worst, was like...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The past few days "Betty" comic strips have been making me really happy. (Full Vegetarian series is Feb 2 to 8th, I believe, but I chose the ones I really liked most.) I want to share with you:

February 4th

Ever heard "only pansies are vegetarian"? Are you kidding me? If you're one of this big, macho guys who craves meat day and night, you better be one TOUGH MAN to be able to say too bad to those cravings and do whats right anyway. All the more reason to make me swoon. <3

February 5th

Haven't we all heard the "but plants have feelings too" thing? <3 this.

February 6th

Amazing retort to "I like the taste of meat". I like the taste of a clear concience! <3

February 7th

He should check out some of the blogs I have linked here--I'm sure he'd get some really amazing recipes off of Tofu Mom, or Vegan Dad, or (of course) Jonie... and that's just a start!


I have decided to try and photodocument my day's food. Already I sort of ate second breakfast without photographing it.. So here's first breakfast.. Banana Pomegranate Parfait.. and tea!

Anyway, I'm off to Costa Rica on Monday--I'm almost all packed, almost all done my essays, almost.. ok that's a lie, I'm dying of panic attacks really.

But all will be good... soon.

Looking forward to "mangas"--mangos so big they use the femenine form!


(Oh, and yes I only drink non-dairy milks... remember I made a post back when about how in Canada there's just no reason not to?)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Turns out Vegans CAN get Salmonella

Clif Bars and LUNA bars, among several other health bars that use peanut butter, are on voluntary recall because of salmonella incidents.. Ironically enough, I saw this after I got home from buying an entire case of 15 Nutz over Chocolate LUNA bars.. *sigh* I hate that Canada only carries 5 of the flavors, and that really that's the only one I care for.. oh well, I'll have to settle for the others and take these back for exchange asap.

And here I thought I could scoff in meat-eaters faces about salmonella and the rest.

In other news.. just over a week till Costa Rica. I am SWAMPED with work. AUGHGHGHG. I have literally gained 5 pounds with the stress, but no worries--hiking every day and living off of fruit for 2 weeks cus their rice and beans aren't vegetarian will likely get me back into shape. I *have* been going to the gym every day--but I have a body fat scale and know as a fact, a bit over half of those pounds were *not* muscle. :P

P.S. I am in love with soy milk and frozen berries. Best snack ever. Unfortunately I have discovered I'm only ok with certain brands of soy milk.. So Nice does not check out (nor Vitasoy, though Silk does) :(

Live and learn.

PPS Dear Clif Bar Company--If you want to send me one of each flavor of your luna bars so I can try them out and be like "oh yum" and then beg the health food stores in Toronto to order a greater range of flavors, I'd be down with that. Just sayin.'