Sunday, January 6, 2008

Can you tell I act on Impulse?

So I looked into the other majors/specialists I want and I literally started squealing when I read all the course 'requirements' for the Ecology Specialist. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. These are my dream courses, the ones I'd convinced myself didn't exist! "Pick two of the following" CAN I PICK ALL 8?!?! I am SO happy. So yeah, I've already made the switch. :) I can most likely still finish university in 4 years on schedule (I.e. graduate in 2) as I have most of the basic courses needed (I'm not switching out of "life science" so the transition is relatively small.)

Oh, and I really want to get Isn't it awesome?!?! Unfortunately, each course is about 300, except for the tofu one. I want to take the Culinary Arts one.. I'm going to let my new specialist settle down to make sure I have the time, but I'm pretty gung-ho. I'd also like to take the tofu course, vegetarian II (which has a lot less dairy than Veg I.. though I might still be interested in I as substitutes are far from impossible to come across) and Indian cuisine seems interesting. Chinese seems almost silly as my mom is Chinese, so its the only cuisine I grew up with.. but we shall see.

Excitement. Excitement. Happy. Gotta go cook and take photos! See you later!

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