Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Photos Photos Photos

Just posting more photos--I know I know my first post was all I'm gonna be a superstar and now its dwindled to photoposts here and there, but the thing is I realize that I know how to cook well for myself, but I'm no chef makin up recipes, so till I get good at that stuff I'm gonna just post what I do know: how to eat. ^_^

My parents and I went to Buddha's Vegetarian Foods for lunch the other day. It's 100% Vegan and super cheap and tasty. It is a little run down venue-wise but frankly, mmmm. And the following 4 dishes were 32 dollars altogether, before tip.

I went to Fresh ( with my friend Lia back when.. I was pretty dissapointed. We ended up paying 15 bucks each after tip and tax (we each got a drink--she got the special smoothie which is half price and I got an americano, but honestly?) and yeah.. I guess Lia got a pretty good deal, she couldn't even finish her dish and her smoothie was pretty nice looking. I on the other hand was left wanting.. and a bit hungry. Apologies in advance for the quality of my camera phone.

I got the bunless burger. That bite sort thing? Yeah, it came like that. Oh, and the fact its on the corner of the plate I think was to 'teach me' for saying no when she asked me if I wanted a side and double checked when I said no thank you. I figured an 8 dollar burger must be pretty humungo. Wrooong. The venue is very chic, clean, upscale and all that which is nice as it has been noted that sometimes vegan restaurants are a little.. shabby shall we say?

Lia got a "dragon bowl" described as: "grilled tomato, zucchini & tofu steaks with rich miso gravy, cilantro, green onions & sesame seeds", on brown basmati rice.. it was pretty generous and definately more fair. It was $11.

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