Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So it Begins

I'll start with Welcome. This blog is dedicated to vegan cooking and eating. While for the most part I want to share recipes I've taken and made my own (or simply made up) with the wonderful vegan community, I'm also going to try and include nutritional information, and probably the occasional odds and end.

I'm working on getting some cooking shows up soon, I have a camera, camera crew, a guy who knows a bit about editing, and picked the kitchen I want to work in: Now i just need to get it all together. And convince the guy whose kitchen it is to let me use it to film. Shouldn't be a problem: he'll get to eat the food!

My origional plan was to launch a cooking website of my own, or at least a blog on a site owned by me. But I decided to give it a test drive on a free site before investing the 20 dollars needed to get my own .org/.com/.net.

So I hope you enjoy the site, I'll probably have a few recipes up even by later today: for now I'm going to explore my options with the blog. Happy New Years by the way!



Old Tarf said...

Welcome and Happy New Year. I am not a vegan but do enjoy salads and soy more than meat.

always interested in good receipts. So good Luck.

Manda said...

Thanks, I hope you like the recipes I provide then!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Nice start. Looks like some yummy recipes.