Saturday, January 5, 2008

So, this entry isn't really vegan food, but I didn't know where to put it.

I spent today cooking, coming to revelations about my life.

I actually have a DREAM for my future, can you believe it?! I actually have a focus again. I won't say all this research into vegan cooking and just vegan websites and books in general did not have a huge play in it. I was wandering aimlessly about, studying immunology just because it was the hardest program I felt I could do well in.. now I have a dream.. two rather. I am going to switch at the end of this year from an immunology specialist to another major.. most likely environmental biology or evolutionary biology.. I've wanted this for so long but I always thought it was a stupid dream, but now I figure, why not, why do other scientists get to do this and I'm working towards confining myself in a lab? I want to go to the amazons, discover new species--my university takes students every year to go do that, so why can't I? I want to make it my job, and it's a real job you know that? Finding new plants to be the next miracle drug, finding new, better ways to use the rainforest rather than the way its being torn down today for soy fields that quickly wear away. (The amazon jungle has very nutrient-bare soils that can only sustain soy fields for a very short amount of time--a period of years--before new ground must be cleared. Yay tofu. :-/ Unfortunate but true..)

That, or when I graduate with my bachelors, I might go to chef school. I think it'd be really cool to start up my own gourmet vegan restaurant that caters to really high rollers--you know, uber chique and uber pretentious. I don't really care that its not good ol homestyle, I want it to be high profile and I want it to really make vegan cooking a huge deal that will go in the papers and get everyone going, hay that's neat! Make my kitchen 100% cruelty free: the soaps in the restrooms vegan organic, the lightbulbs the most energy conserving on the market.. that sort of thing. I think it'd sell... But the only way to find out if a dream works is to give it a go right?

So yeah, now I have two dreams that both would make me blissfully happy, rather than. "Oh, I don't know.. med school I guess."

So yes, I am happy.

In other news I spent the day cooking, as tomorrow we're having guests over for dinner. I made thai vegetarian red curry, which I will take photos of tomorrow, and am probably going to make brussels sprouts as well as vegan pumpkin pie. Here goes!

Oh P.S. I found two food processors hidden away in my kitchen today--one is a nice small hand blender I saw Cat Cora use on Iron Chef America, and that's when it was like haaaay I've seen one of those before, which got me looking in the first place. And the other is a full sized blender. I also have two juicers. Who knew???? Makes me a happy happy camper.

Oh P.P.S. I found this on Isa's LJ which she used before wordpress. It's amazing. I love it. I love that its vegan, I love that its hilarious, I love that now I know how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. I. Love. It. I wish there were more episodes but this is the only one. :( A true inspiration for me. (I haven't given up on my shows yet!)

Oh, P.P.P.S. I've added a bunch of links to vegan blogs as you might see. These are so much better than mine and are definately my inspiration. As it says there, they are WORKS IN PROGRESS! There are many I've forgotten, I just put it up. Oh, and this is another treasure I just found.

I know this is old news to many, but not to me, and as this is my blog I MAKE THE RULES MUAHAHAHAHAH. *happy*

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