Monday, February 18, 2008


Vegans are the very image of beauty and grace.

In Catalunya, calçots are loved and adored. (see: My family is no exception. My aunt has her "salsa pels calçots" (not actually a 'salsa' as we think of it, but a really really creamy beautiful dipping sauce) integrated into her lifeblood, we have our own special calçotada bibs and we are all more than happy to get down and dirty for this fun and festive (vegan) tradition!

Here are the calçots (aka resprouted onions), in various stages of their DOOM.

We grill them on an open fire, charring their outside skins and letting them steam themselves. MUAHAHAHA. (And who said Vegans weren't masochistic?)

It takes a long time to get them all done. My father, grandfather, and I sat around at the table eating the dipping sauce with bread and drinking wine. Lots of wine. So much wine. Here we are with our bibs!

Here they are, ready to be devoured--we wrap them in the newspapers to keep them warm as we carry them in and as we eat them, so as you go you unwrap another package and thus your food is always warm!

We then peel off the dirty, sooty, charred skin to reveal a tender, sweet onion! mmm.

Dip that in some of the salsa de calçots and DOWN THE HATCH! (Usually you tilt your head back like in the topmost photo.. this one was just really hard to bite apart without some fingerhelp... and my cousin decided to take advantage of the opportunity, lol.)

I'm working on translating the recipe for the salsa de calçots from my aunt... not Catalan to English, that's easy but "oh about a pan full" to "10 tomatoes". :P Shall post that soon!

Oh, and I went to market today! Lots of great photos from that and a potato, leek and white bean soup recipe, but I really must go out and play for a bit! See you later!

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Interesting! I want to take part in this experience!