Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Farmers Market

Sorry it took so long! Here's a bit of a photojournal of the experience as there's not much to explain. I'll say it now that there was a LOT more than what I just photographed--the entire town turns into one big market on market day. So amazing.

20 euros--that's including the soy yogurts, oat milk, and artesanal bread! (Each about 2 euros) Not bad eh? I can't WAIT until the summer when I come visit and the earth is literally exploding with food!

Here is some of the stuff I did with it:

Makin' soup!

Potato Leek and White Bean Soup.. SO GOOD! I'll post the recipe for it later, its a MUST as its really really amazing.

Baked Apple... mmm.. the carmel that came out of this was soo good.. apple carmel YUM.. (I used it to decorate the apple.. and ate up whatever else I could!)

Artichokes! I used an orange and some ginger to help flavor them, but they really kept their artichoke flavor. Yummm. I'd been craving artichokes for so long...

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