Monday, February 18, 2008

Huge-Ass Post

Got my uncle's digital camera a-uploadin'.. wow have I got a post for you.... Actually, these posts are best seperate, so I think I'll make them seperate anyway. Here's that pear tart as I promised.. its from VwaV, except I didn't have cranberries, so I soaked raisins in hot water for a bit (they were still raisin-y, I just didn't want them to soak up moisture.) I had no almond extract so I used vanilla, umm.. a few other modifications occured, including the fact that the only pan I had was for roasting and that the oven had no temperature settings so I guessed. It was amazing amazing amazing anyway!

This had ONLY JUST made it out of the oven and was being devoured!! Wait, wait I say! Even though the recipe said to let cool, and even though this was baked at around 270*F rather than 375, and even though... yeah... despite all that, it came out flawlessly good. Mmm. The ginger-almond-pear combo with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg was simply divine!!! I used almost twice the amount of ginger. Oh, and I had no measuring cup or spoons, so the flour/almond/sugar ratios were ballpark: Which ended up being a good thing as the pan was too big, but I'd made a bit more than the recipe called for.

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