Friday, February 8, 2008

Kensington Exploration Supreme!

So I today I went to Kensington Market and got BLOWN AWAY by the great vegan selection in the health food stores there!!! Like, here in high park I have more than my fair share of health food stores (4 within walking distance, at least) and a really great selection at all the grocery stores, and figured myself lucky.
Kensington is just... wow. And the prices... wow. I went beserk with my cell camera, as you can see below:

Huge ice cream selection--I just photographed the stuff I hadn't seen elsewhere: Soy ice cream is really really common and easy to find in all my supermarkets etc, but I'd only seen one or two types of tofutti cuties before so:
They even sold them individually! I know this summer that's how I'm going go try my first tofutti cutie (I've never been a big ice cream person so I'd probably never buy a box, especially without trying one first!)

They also had soy delicious bars individually:

They had a HUGE selection of Vegan cheeses!

When I saw the blue cheese--for only 3 bucks, and it was a brand I hadn't heard of or seen before, and it was pretty low calorie (I care..) I HAD to buy it. Product review to come!

They had a lot more stuff, actually I think the store owner was vegan because I was talking to him (he apologized profusely for the mess by the way, when I asked if I could take pictures--he was in the middle of stocking the fake cheese/meat area so it was all jumbled) one of the workers came up and told him that someone had brought them a cake, only it was a 'dairy-cake' and he was like "oh well... someone will eat it maybe? That was nice anyway." So yeah..

The prices in the store were all great, I was very happy--unfortunately little ol me just had my half filled knapsack from class instead of a cart of some sort. Definately going to go sometime with a trolly to be able to do some proper grocery shopping. I went to another healthfood store right after with slightly different selection, still lots of stuff, and slightly better prices on what was in both stores. Very impressed overall.

Kensington is great too because it has lots of Produce stores, and is right beside chinatown. I got kumquats, snow pea stalks and bananas from chinatown. Yummm soo gooooooood. (The kumquats really are in season! My mom got mad that I didn't buy more than a pound or so--it IS chinese new year after all!) (Ps. my mom is from Hong Kong)

(I'm getting better at this photography thing, aren't I?)

Oh, this is a meal I had a while ago, and I felt like photographing it. Sliced tomato drizzled with oil, turnip fries, mixed veggies, miso soup and green tea.

This was the kicker--SO GOOD. Frozen strawberries with mint green tea poured ontop. I'm not patient enough to leave strawberries out overnight.. this made them SO sweet it seemed impossibly good, with a small hint of the mint. Mmmm. Tastes better than it looks.

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Sarah said...

Oooh, what store was all that Cheezey stuff in?? I'm such a Kensington lover, they have a new store down there now FILLED with cookbooks called "A Good Egg". You should take a look if you're ever in the area!