Thursday, February 14, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane....

So I'm headed to Spain for 10 days, leaving in about two hours. Very excited! My father is from Spain and so I'm going for several reasons including the fact my grandparents are very old ( :( ) and 'it shows' if you know what I mean... and my cousin is in her last trimester and I can't wait to see her belly big and swollen!

Market is on Monday and I just can't wait to go out and see what there is. I'll be sure to take as many succulent photos as possible! I have LOTS of homework to do while I'm there so I'll have my laptop, and consideirng how often I post.. I wont miss a beat.

Hasta Luego!

(Actually I come from north eastern Spain where we speak Catalan predominantly, but shh.)


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip! Europe is amazing, I can imagine how beautiful Spain must be, and how abundant in foods it will be. =)

Manda said...

Aw thanks!!! I'll be taking lots of photos to show it off. ;)