Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunergia Blue Cheese

So I'm reviewing the 'blue cheese', as promised. When I opened the 'cheese' from its packet, the aroma hit me first--it smelt just like, well.. blue cheese! As I cut into it I realized the texture is much like that of firm tofu: it holds together, it will crumble if you make it but it definately doesn't stick to the knife or crumble apart on first touch.

It tasted quite good--first I was a little dissapointed as I realized I could taste a hint of tofu underneath the spices, but then as I chewed I realized it really was a good sub--well spiced, has that blue cheese flavor and a good aftertaste.
My dad (who is omniverous, though tends to eat a lot of vegan food--one of the vegan restaurants on campus knows him by name and even gave him a christmas gift! He goes every day! Sometimes I get him to take me, hehe! ^__^) stole some and really liked it--he told me that I have to buy a few next time I'm in kensington! I think that does say something indeed.
I took some and crumbled it into a pear, walnut, radish and arugula salad with a balsamic vinagrette. Mmmm. Deeeelish!

And just to prove to you that it is indeed low calorie (150 for the whole circle), here's the back. I also like how something so seemingly processed has such simple ingredients.

Overall I definately liked it and am looking forward to getting the other flavors.
PS i rate my review 6/10: I wish I was better at this. Practice makes perfect?


Hearts and Crafts said...

That is the best looking salad that I have seen in a very very long time! Wow!

Sarah said...

Wow... where did you pick that up??? I'm in the GTA and have NEVER seen it!