Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vegan Stars

You know, it's really great finding out your favourite 'famous' people are vegan.

Not long ago I discovered Dan Piraro, writer of the Bizarro comic which has been my personal favourite since I started reading the funnies in the Globe and Mail (Toronto Newspaper), is vegan. I always knew he was very much for animal rights, as many of his cartoons sent very strong messages, and let me tell you--I have tons of those, plus many others that are just about issues today or just funny in general are pinned up ALL over the pinboards in my room and kitchen, and stuck all over the fridge too. I checked his website recently and it turns out, he's Vegan!! He's actually one of the founders of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (! I sent him an e-mail letting him know how much I admired him and that he truly was an strong influence that led me towards being who I am today and guess what? He took the time to send me one back! Not just a "um thanks k bye" but a real, thought out, response. <3

Then today I find out Nathalie Portman, my favourite actress of all time, is Vegan! Not just that, but she's launching a Vegan Shoe line and her shoes are GORGEOUS (helps that one of the reasons I like her so much is I really like her style.)

I demand everyone go out and buy as many shoes from her brand as possible so it stays up and running. DEMAND.


Ricki said...

I saw the article about her new shoe line, too--and they do look very gorgeous. The only problem for me is that they seem mostly to be fairly strappy and high-heeled--not great for this gal. But I adore Portman as an actress, too!

Manda said...

She mentioned she can't walk in heels and prefers the flats--so I'm sure they'll have some really gorgeous flats too! I love heels for the look but its true: after an hour or so I'm wimpering.. or really too drunk to know. ;)