Monday, March 31, 2008

Light Food

So I realize my post is a lot of very light food--but that's ok, sometimes we don't want to eat "heavy" foods. By light I mean low-fat, low-protein, as those are the foods that make us feel heavy since they're harder to digest. It just so happens, these are also light calorie-wise, but that's really not what I meant by it.

First is my lunch from yesterday.

Carrots with sundried tomato dip. I was short some ingredients, so this was a bit of a tester--I'm sticking to my origional recipe, but for now this works. It had a gorgeous color because I put in some red wine!

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Then there was tomatoes, seasoned with salt and olive oil, with walnuts and pine nuts tossed ontop. I really like tomato "salads" as its something we have all the time in spain--I can never make mine as good as my aunt can. Maybe she has the leg up because her tomatoes are spanish tomatoes from her backyard.. mine are hot house tomatoes from Jersey or something. Yeah, that might do it. My wine accidentally spilled into this, so they had a bit of a wine flavor, paired well with the walnuts though so it wasnt a disaster.

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And some vegetables, straight from a freezer bag (it was a veggie mix) into the steamer, onto a plate with olive oil, salt, and parlsey--I just wanted to show that plating really IS everything. (Although it tasted amazing..)

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The spread:
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As for my breakfast today... well, I had the following:

Half a canteloupe (it doesn't look like much, but this thing was sweet as candy!)

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And, for the first time--millet puffs. They're like wheat puffs but.. millet. I loved the idea, and what I love most is that they're a one ingredient food. I really hate cereal because its almost impossible to get it without sugar as the second or third ingredient. (Well, I LOVE cereal because its tasty tasty, but yeah.) For a while I was eating ezeckiel 4:9 because I like that its all real ingredients (no chemical names with no "regular" analogs..) but it's such a heavy cereal, and often in the morning I want something light. Puffs are 50 calories/cup and so light and fluffy! That's perfect for me! These millet ones were such a textural adventure--I highly recommend you try it once. Since we're so used to sugary cereal, I do suggest you sprinkle some sweetener on it (I use up my stevia that way, I realized a while ago stevia is way too planty to use more than half a pack at a time.)

Anyway, here it is:

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And, for those poor souls who actually don't know what wheat puffs are, I had a bowl right after:

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Ok, so I hear a lot of "fruit is so expensive" and then a lot of "you eat a lot of fruit" and i'm not sure if I like the assumption that I believe is going on between the two. My canteloupes were 99 cents each. My papayas were 99 cents each. My mangos were two for 89 cents. Oranges are a bag (8?) for a dollar (though that was a huge sale). Kiwis are a bag (24?) for 4 dollars. Apples are 89 cents a pound. No, its not "cheap" or "free" but its a really good price for really healthy, tasty stuff--so I buy a bit less 'junk food' per month and get my tasty fruit instead. (PS, yeah I know I'm a lucky bum.. those prices are GOOD aren't they?!)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Foodity Food

For anyone who hasn't tried raw zucchini pasta--DO IT. It's simply DELISH, 100% You can make a raw marinara sauce if you want a fully raw dish, make a cooked one if you're not, or you can simply open a jar of pasta sauce like I did. Here it's with roasted brussels sprouts (my fave..), what was left of my gazpacho, and some mustard chickpeas. So amazingly good.

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(Here it is just mixed--so amazingly good. It really didn't need any garnishes.)

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Oh, and for those dieters out there--each serving is 1-2 baby squash (depending how much you want to eat)--which is 2-6 calories. Seriously, a large baby squash is all of 3 calories. Tomato sauce tends to be very low calorie too. Great great thing to eat to help fill you up--but obviously make sure you've got some real calories accompanying it--moderation not starvation. ;)

Here I have an apple salad--sliced gala apples, raw pumpkin seeds, and an apple vinaigrette (apple butter for sweet, apple cider for sour, and cinnamon-infused sunflower oil).

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And here's my exotic themed fruit breakfast, because I love fruit. ^__^

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These were such amazing things. Of the above, the gazpacho, pasta, salad, and fruit are raw. (Duh.) So.. everything but the brussels sprouts and pasta sauce... well fine.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Liquify THIS!

My mom bought more produce than me, my brother, and her will EVER be able to finish (I kid you not--three full papayas, a few kilos of clementines, a kilo of kiwis, a kilo or two of mangos, a kilo of apples, a few kilos of bananas... need I go on? Thank GOODNESS for the freezer.. I spent a few hours peeling, cutting, laying out and freezing. Whew.

I also liquified a ton of it. So here are the results. I will continue to work on the gazpacho recipe, as I'm not perfectly happy with it, but if you google gazpacho you'll get many recipes that I'm sure are quite good. The beautiful thing about gazpacho is that its light, healthy, and raw. (Though the lycophene in tomatoes isn't really available to you until cooked really, but oh well. I get enough cooked tomato in other parts of my diet, so I'm not splitting any hairs. This way I get the vitamin C and A ok?)

This is butternut squash soup--with lots of ginger. Warms me up even straight out of the fridge. Yum!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rustic Roasts

Today I decided to roast a consortium of veggies for lunch. To add to it I made the best risotto I'd ever tasted. Sweet Potato Barley Rissotto--it was had a bit of sweet, a lot of cream, and a hint of zip. It also made me realize that if I want to tone my arms, all I have to do is make risottos--an hour of figure eights will get me into shape in no time.

Also on the menu were cranberry-orange roasted butternut squash, braised leeks and yucca homefries.

Here's the squash before roasting, because honestly the colors are too pretty not to post. I feel like it should be thanksgiving or christmas, not easter, but oh well.

And the final product:

(even larger)

Sweet Potato Barley Risotto

- 1c barley
- 1 to 2L vegetable broth*
- 1c soy milk
- 1/4 cup sweet potato puree/soup**
- Some dehydrated vegetable flakes

Boil the barley in 2 cups vegetable broth until the broth is halved, stir in figure eights until there is very little water left, and then keep adding a little bit of broth and stirring until the barley is al dente. (approx. 45 min) Sprinkle in the vegetable flakes and add in half cup soy milk and the sweet potato puree. Stir in figure eights rigerously, adding more soy milk as needed (or more vegetable broth if you find it too creamy) until the barley is soft and tender and the risotto is of a creamy consistancy. Altogether took me 1.5hrs. Bikini here I come.

*I pressure cooked a few litres of water with the leek leaves and celery earlier.
**I used Imagine Organic Sweet Potato Soup and made sure only to pour out the thickest part that was more a puree. If you're going to make your own, make sure there's ginger in there-that really helped with the risotto. The depth from the other flavors was lovely too.

PS I haven't forgotten about the gelato--my mom returns from Spain this evening and is an almond nut, so I'm going to make crepes and gelato for Easter Brunch tomorrow to celebrate her return. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Food Food Food

Snobby Joes (With corn on the cob, sourkraut and pickles) in a Pita cus it's what we had. :P Yummy anyway!

Vanilla and Chocolate (Silken Tofu) "Gelato"---sorry for the blurryness!

Cherry and Torrone (Silken Tofu) "Gelato"---These were simply brilliant!!!! They tasted divine, especially the Torrone one (I loooove almond), they were a great texture, and they totally masked the tofu taste. The vanilla and chocolate were less successful on all three levels.

I'll post the recipes for the cherry and torrone gelatos once I make them once more and actually measure--this was a test run just to see if the idea would even work! It was really yummy and both I and my brother were more than happy to eat the ice cream, and since it's made with silken tofu its actually quite low-calorie, so I should make this again soon (read: tomorrow or Sunday..)

Apart from that.. happy easter!!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yet more food

Ok, I really wanna post my food porn adventures--but the sundried tomato dip recipe shall be at the bottom, kapish?

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Steamed kale with a tahini dressing, and stuffed red peppers (stuffed with quinoa, corn, and black beans--"idea" from VwaV though I really really botched up the recipe by not reading the ingredient list or instructions until *after*... still came out delish! My brother loved it, and that's always a good thing. :P)

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Haha, I saved one for my lunch tomorrow--since none of my tupperwear would not smoosh it, I found an old So Nice yogurt container.. I think its cute.

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(steel cut ;)) oatmeal--cocoa powder, peanut butter, banana (which melted in while cooking) and cinnamon... mmmmmmmmmmmm... I was a happy happy camper this morning!

Onto the Recipe!

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Sundried Tomato Dip

1/4 cup slivered almonds
1 pack light firm silken mori-nu tofu.
8 olive oil-packed sundried tomatoes, with with a generous amount of oil on them. (If you're using dry sundried tomatoes, blanch as instructed and add 2 or 3 teaspoons of olive oil to the mix.)
2-3 cloves of garlic
the juice of one medium-small lemon
a pinch (about 1/2 tsp, to taste) of; red pepper flakes, rosemary, oregano, black pepper
a teaspoon of dijon mustard
a dash of salt (about 2 tsp, to taste.)

Pulse the slivered almonds till they're crumbly in a food processor and remove.

Put in the tomatoes, tofu, lemon and garlic (you can start small with the garlic: 3 cloves make it quite strong!) and blend until smooth. Add in the spices, mustard and salt (again start small and work up: the red pepper flakes, mustard and salt are the only ones I feel "MADE" the dip, the rest added depth to it.)

Mix in the almonds to give your dip a really gorgeous texture, a bit of crunch, and a bit more flavor.


This makes enough for quite a few--about 2 cups of dip in my experience, though beware: it goes fast! Let's say each serving is 1/3 cup (though I've had a good few servings in one sitting, honestly it is just a dip.)

Per 1/3 cup (5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon) serving:

Calories: 76, Fat: 4g, Sodium: 226mg (9.4% DRV), Carbs: 4.2g, Fiber: 1.2g, Protein: 5.2g

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sorry I've been Out for so long--here's a bit of a "dump" update!

What I've been a-eating:

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butternut squash soup with mashed cauliflower and shiitake mushrooms.

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A personal fave--mustard/salsa dip... simple, easy, and so so yummy.

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I tried Sunergia's Tomato and Basil Feta "cheese"--it was alright, I prefer the bleu though and will stick with that, but it definately was ok sliced and on a thick slab of tomato!

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Making some of V-Con's lemony potatoes

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mmmmm they were so, so, so good. Definatey something I'll make over and over again. I used a mix of purple, ruby, and russet baby potatoes, if you couldn't tell!

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Some sundried tomato dip--really amazing--it dissapeared in no time! I'm going to post the recipe for this soon! (I actually will this time!)

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Dinner after a long day--lentils sauteed with portabello mushrooms, a spoonful of "tzaziki" made based on V-con's caesar salad dressing recipe (only *slightly* adulterated--so delish!), and salad with a nice warm glass of soy milk. Simple, and tasty.

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By goldwater

I've gotten into the smoothie craze--I make a few a day!! Thank goodness for unsweetened almond milk, or else I might actually feel guilty about drinking so much goodness. Honestly, when my mom tries them she always exclaims "this tastes like ice cream!" and won't drink much more because she's afraid she'll gain weight! This one was raspberry, peach, pineapple and flaxseed, with a shot of vanilla and a hint of nutmeg. ^__^ Yum!

Sundried tomato, lemon, pesto and green pea 'carbonara'--or really, with my newly invented egg-yolk mixture.

I made this egg yolk mixture with black salt, olive oil, a bit of nooch and some flaxseed--it tasted so much like the real thing it was uncanny! Slightly more runny than what you get in your fried eggs, but that's ok. I mopped it up with some toasted bread--just the way I used to mop up the yolk of my fried eggs. Very tasty!

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View from my kitchen window, what am I thinking? I'll tell you: *sigh* great, more shovelling. At least its pretty...

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By goldwater