Friday, March 21, 2008

Food Food Food

Snobby Joes (With corn on the cob, sourkraut and pickles) in a Pita cus it's what we had. :P Yummy anyway!

Vanilla and Chocolate (Silken Tofu) "Gelato"---sorry for the blurryness!

Cherry and Torrone (Silken Tofu) "Gelato"---These were simply brilliant!!!! They tasted divine, especially the Torrone one (I loooove almond), they were a great texture, and they totally masked the tofu taste. The vanilla and chocolate were less successful on all three levels.

I'll post the recipes for the cherry and torrone gelatos once I make them once more and actually measure--this was a test run just to see if the idea would even work! It was really yummy and both I and my brother were more than happy to eat the ice cream, and since it's made with silken tofu its actually quite low-calorie, so I should make this again soon (read: tomorrow or Sunday..)

Apart from that.. happy easter!!!!!!!

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