Friday, March 28, 2008

Foodity Food

For anyone who hasn't tried raw zucchini pasta--DO IT. It's simply DELISH, 100% You can make a raw marinara sauce if you want a fully raw dish, make a cooked one if you're not, or you can simply open a jar of pasta sauce like I did. Here it's with roasted brussels sprouts (my fave..), what was left of my gazpacho, and some mustard chickpeas. So amazingly good.

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(Here it is just mixed--so amazingly good. It really didn't need any garnishes.)

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Oh, and for those dieters out there--each serving is 1-2 baby squash (depending how much you want to eat)--which is 2-6 calories. Seriously, a large baby squash is all of 3 calories. Tomato sauce tends to be very low calorie too. Great great thing to eat to help fill you up--but obviously make sure you've got some real calories accompanying it--moderation not starvation. ;)

Here I have an apple salad--sliced gala apples, raw pumpkin seeds, and an apple vinaigrette (apple butter for sweet, apple cider for sour, and cinnamon-infused sunflower oil).

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And here's my exotic themed fruit breakfast, because I love fruit. ^__^

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These were such amazing things. Of the above, the gazpacho, pasta, salad, and fruit are raw. (Duh.) So.. everything but the brussels sprouts and pasta sauce... well fine.


DJ said...

Wow - you eat sooo well!
I roasted some brussel sprouts alongside a whole load of other veggies the other night after reading your 'rustic roasts' posts - OMG - so delish!

Manda said...

lol... Food is one of my great joys in life, so I do like to enjoy it I admit--but I, like everyone else, whips out a bag of popcorn here and there. (I've been eating buckets of "salt and vinegar" popcorn lately, with ketchup.. wierd? maybe.. but its tasty. And really cheap, since I buy the kernels in bulk and just shove them in a paper bag in the nuke!)