Monday, March 31, 2008

Light Food

So I realize my post is a lot of very light food--but that's ok, sometimes we don't want to eat "heavy" foods. By light I mean low-fat, low-protein, as those are the foods that make us feel heavy since they're harder to digest. It just so happens, these are also light calorie-wise, but that's really not what I meant by it.

First is my lunch from yesterday.

Carrots with sundried tomato dip. I was short some ingredients, so this was a bit of a tester--I'm sticking to my origional recipe, but for now this works. It had a gorgeous color because I put in some red wine!

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Then there was tomatoes, seasoned with salt and olive oil, with walnuts and pine nuts tossed ontop. I really like tomato "salads" as its something we have all the time in spain--I can never make mine as good as my aunt can. Maybe she has the leg up because her tomatoes are spanish tomatoes from her backyard.. mine are hot house tomatoes from Jersey or something. Yeah, that might do it. My wine accidentally spilled into this, so they had a bit of a wine flavor, paired well with the walnuts though so it wasnt a disaster.

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And some vegetables, straight from a freezer bag (it was a veggie mix) into the steamer, onto a plate with olive oil, salt, and parlsey--I just wanted to show that plating really IS everything. (Although it tasted amazing..)

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The spread:
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As for my breakfast today... well, I had the following:

Half a canteloupe (it doesn't look like much, but this thing was sweet as candy!)

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And, for the first time--millet puffs. They're like wheat puffs but.. millet. I loved the idea, and what I love most is that they're a one ingredient food. I really hate cereal because its almost impossible to get it without sugar as the second or third ingredient. (Well, I LOVE cereal because its tasty tasty, but yeah.) For a while I was eating ezeckiel 4:9 because I like that its all real ingredients (no chemical names with no "regular" analogs..) but it's such a heavy cereal, and often in the morning I want something light. Puffs are 50 calories/cup and so light and fluffy! That's perfect for me! These millet ones were such a textural adventure--I highly recommend you try it once. Since we're so used to sugary cereal, I do suggest you sprinkle some sweetener on it (I use up my stevia that way, I realized a while ago stevia is way too planty to use more than half a pack at a time.)

Anyway, here it is:

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And, for those poor souls who actually don't know what wheat puffs are, I had a bowl right after:

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Ok, so I hear a lot of "fruit is so expensive" and then a lot of "you eat a lot of fruit" and i'm not sure if I like the assumption that I believe is going on between the two. My canteloupes were 99 cents each. My papayas were 99 cents each. My mangos were two for 89 cents. Oranges are a bag (8?) for a dollar (though that was a huge sale). Kiwis are a bag (24?) for 4 dollars. Apples are 89 cents a pound. No, its not "cheap" or "free" but its a really good price for really healthy, tasty stuff--so I buy a bit less 'junk food' per month and get my tasty fruit instead. (PS, yeah I know I'm a lucky bum.. those prices are GOOD aren't they?!)


Vegyogini said...

I buy the puffed brown rice version of that cereal. I've always wanted to try the millet, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I love fruit, too, and I don't think you should have to defend yourself for eating so much of it!

DJ said...

That sundried tomato dip looks good - I too love tomato salads, the traditional Polish way to eat tomatoes is with lots of dill, onion, salt, cracked pepper and heavy cream but I love them with hemp oil and balsamic vinegar for a lighter touch.

Dandelions_In_Her_Hair said...

WOAH, two mangos for 85 cents!
That's (amazing) crazy-talk!

Manda said...

Aw, thanks for the comments (sorry it took a while to get back). Yeah--I love puffed wheat.. puffed kamut is on my list, but puffed wheat is soo much less expensive. The millet was really good but agian, more expensive.

The traditional spanish way to eat tomato salads is with tons of good quality olive oil and some salt, sometimes with slices of red onion or cucumber in there.

And dandelions--lets not get carried away! It was eightyNINE cents. ;) I buy canteloupes for 99c by the way, I realize I left those out.

Happy Herbivore! said...

All I do is eat fruit. I try to buy whats on sale or in season but no matter how expensive it got! I'd eat it! I love it & its SO healthy!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad to see you like the millet puffs... I'm looking into having those for breakky instead of the Kamut ones 'cause I'm trying to eliminate gluten - it's soooo hard! Puffs are awesome though.