Monday, March 24, 2008

Liquify THIS!

My mom bought more produce than me, my brother, and her will EVER be able to finish (I kid you not--three full papayas, a few kilos of clementines, a kilo of kiwis, a kilo or two of mangos, a kilo of apples, a few kilos of bananas... need I go on? Thank GOODNESS for the freezer.. I spent a few hours peeling, cutting, laying out and freezing. Whew.

I also liquified a ton of it. So here are the results. I will continue to work on the gazpacho recipe, as I'm not perfectly happy with it, but if you google gazpacho you'll get many recipes that I'm sure are quite good. The beautiful thing about gazpacho is that its light, healthy, and raw. (Though the lycophene in tomatoes isn't really available to you until cooked really, but oh well. I get enough cooked tomato in other parts of my diet, so I'm not splitting any hairs. This way I get the vitamin C and A ok?)

This is butternut squash soup--with lots of ginger. Warms me up even straight out of the fridge. Yum!


Heartborne said...

Everything looks great!

DJ said...

Those soups look absolutely delicious!

Manda said...

heartborne: well, since virutally all of us are immigrants, maybe its the fact that in Canada you'll get awesome amalgamations of other cultures? Because honestly, everything I cook has very strong cultural influences, even when its not 'obvious'.

DJ: thanks, and I checked out your page--yummy!!