Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rustic Roasts

Today I decided to roast a consortium of veggies for lunch. To add to it I made the best risotto I'd ever tasted. Sweet Potato Barley Rissotto--it was had a bit of sweet, a lot of cream, and a hint of zip. It also made me realize that if I want to tone my arms, all I have to do is make risottos--an hour of figure eights will get me into shape in no time.

Also on the menu were cranberry-orange roasted butternut squash, braised leeks and yucca homefries.

Here's the squash before roasting, because honestly the colors are too pretty not to post. I feel like it should be thanksgiving or christmas, not easter, but oh well.

And the final product:

(even larger)

Sweet Potato Barley Risotto

- 1c barley
- 1 to 2L vegetable broth*
- 1c soy milk
- 1/4 cup sweet potato puree/soup**
- Some dehydrated vegetable flakes

Boil the barley in 2 cups vegetable broth until the broth is halved, stir in figure eights until there is very little water left, and then keep adding a little bit of broth and stirring until the barley is al dente. (approx. 45 min) Sprinkle in the vegetable flakes and add in half cup soy milk and the sweet potato puree. Stir in figure eights rigerously, adding more soy milk as needed (or more vegetable broth if you find it too creamy) until the barley is soft and tender and the risotto is of a creamy consistancy. Altogether took me 1.5hrs. Bikini here I come.

*I pressure cooked a few litres of water with the leek leaves and celery earlier.
**I used Imagine Organic Sweet Potato Soup and made sure only to pour out the thickest part that was more a puree. If you're going to make your own, make sure there's ginger in there-that really helped with the risotto. The depth from the other flavors was lovely too.

PS I haven't forgotten about the gelato--my mom returns from Spain this evening and is an almond nut, so I'm going to make crepes and gelato for Easter Brunch tomorrow to celebrate her return. :)

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Ricki said...

This sounds fabulous. I love barley AND sweet potatoes. . . will definitely try this one!