Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Foodtv Challenge (Vegetable Tart)

So when I saw the newest foodtv challenge is vegetarian-friendly (and is vegetarian if one gets rennet free cheese) I decided to make it. After all, the feta was just a topping--this was a pretty brainless 'veganization'.

My entry:

was so excited to see a veg-friendly recipe that I had to jump up and cook right away! I wanted something more Spring-y, and I was missing some ingredients, so I used mint and parsley in place of sage, mixed the butternut squash with sweet potato, and used roasted onion in place of fennel. I didn't have any phyllo on hand, so I simply used rice paper. I topped it with slivered almonds instead of feta to make this dish totally vegan. I had to give it two goes (same filling) to get the rice paper crust just right. This is an awesome recipe to get rid of all the extra veggies you have lying around and aren't totally sure what to do with!

In all honesty, this was a really boring veg-dish. You can tell off the bat when you read the recipe it will be. But I didn't think saying that would be very nice in the entry. Who knows, maybe the phyllo was the make or break...

It was pretty though. My entry photos:

The contest itself:


Erin said...

Cool! I love a good challenge. A way to come up with ideas within restrictions. Looks like you did a nice job.

Anonymous said...

They're all boring recipes now. I vegenized a few of recipes at the beginning of the food tv cooking club last year.