Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 1

There is soy in EVERYTHING. Ok maybe not everything, but like--I'm eating away at my cereal this morning because I didn't feel like oatmeal. Oops.

Then I was offered some gum and it was vegan--except for the soy lecithin. Well poo. (I chewed it anyway--honestly, I doubt trace amounts of soy are my issue...) I definately was much better today than I have been since I got back.

I am sick though, with a cough--I've had a cough the past few days and last night I went and played Ultimate Frisbee. Of course it was the coldest day in the past like, three weeks--my fingers couldnt even bend by the end of it! So now I'm feeling relatively sick--I made tomato lentil soup today, no recipe; just got a whole lot of garlic and the onion I had left (which my newly sharpened knife cut through like EB! And here I always thought my knife skills were bad because it didn't ever look as easy as the people on TV--well now my knife sure is flying!) Added in some veggies I'd roasted back when and frozen, as well as some frozen peas and corn and potatoes (just emptied out whatever was left in the baggies) put in some lentils I'd cooked earlier and some tomato soup concentrate that had been in my cupboard for some time. Add some herbs and salt and presto--such an awesome soup. Mmm.. I overate. Oops...

I also bought some Hemp milk--only 4g protein/cup (soy milk has 8) so I guess I'll have to stop counting on my 'milk' as a good source of protein (almond milk, which my family has stocked up, only has 1g!) Oh well, it's not the end of the world.

On to day 2--hopefully with some photos and maybe even a recipe or two!

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Erin said...

I have a friend who is allergic to soy, and you're right, it is in EVERYTHING. Kind of scary when you get down to it. Good luck!