Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 2

So while my sniffles and cough are much worse, my GI issues are much, much MUCH better. This makes me very very sad--soy is something that I adore, and it seems that my body does not agree. Perhaps in small quantities I'd be fine though, since I ate it through my childhood?

Moving on..
I had a really great salad at dinner today! A title? A title... Um... I'll leave that for you to decide.

My salad! yumm!

-Organic baby lettuces (red & green romaine, red & green oak leaf, lollo rosa, tango), organic red & green chard, organic mizuna, organic arugula, organic frisée, organic radicchio. ((From Earthbound Farms--but of course you can sub how you like.))
-A mix of tomatoes, or just cherry tomatoes
-carrots, chopped roughly
-baby potatoes, cooked through and allowed to cool
-beets, chopped roughly, tossed in oil and salt and roasted for 50min to an hour, allowed to cool.
-corn on the cob, steamed and then the corn sliced off the cob.

assemble and top with raspberry balsamic vinegar and garlic and rosemary oil

Garlic and Rosemary Oil: simply take some good quality olive oil (extra virgin preferred) and several cloves of garlic and a generous amount of dried rosemary and allow the rosemary and garlic to sit in the oil to flavor it--this can last as long as you like, and you can fill up the oil to the top whenever its getting low.

Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar: allow 1 cup of frozen raspberries to thaw, pour in 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of balsamic vinegar and the juice of 1/2 a large lemon, as well as some lemon zest. Mix well.

The dressing and the salad!

The sweetness of the raspberries played off of the sweetness of the beets and corn nicely, and brought out the sweetness in the carrots and tomatoes--I used the word sweet too many times: it really wasn't overpowering, the oil, rosemary and garlic brought it back down to earth if you know what I mean. (I'm obviously not a food critic..) This was a hit with my family!!

We also had the rest of the corn on the cob, and lentils with ginger. We enjoyed this dinner with some blueberry tea, cooled (though not chilled) and with a few slices of lemon--very refreshing and yet warming (especially nice for sick little me!)

blueberry tea

Funny how everyone enjoyed this dinner, and yet my mom makes comments like "I would lose so much weight if I were vegan--there's nothing to eat!"

Oh! And my mother has taken onto the sprouting craze! She bought some lentils and "sandwich saver mix" that are meant for sprouting, we're on day.. 2? 3?.. they should be ready to eat any time now!

sandwich sprouts.. sprouting lentils

She's so taken to it that she's also trying to sprout soy beans, mung beans, and who knows what else--though these she just bought as dried beans that are meant for cooking. Does that work? We'll find out...


Raddish (from the ppk/vb) said...

Just wanted to share my experience:
Last year I was having a lot of GI "issues" and cut out various things that seemed to make it flare up. (Tomatoes, onions, oats(?!), some other random stuff) but now my symptoms are much much better I have gradually been adding stuff back into my diet, and now the only thing left to add is onions.
So basically what I'm saying is: Don't write off soy forever! It could be that your body just needs a rest from it. Maybe you've been eating a bit more soy than your body can handle? In a few months time I would definitely start trying to eat it again. Now I just have to make sure I don't OD on any of my problem foods- i.e. I don't eat oatmeal everyday for weeks on end, only occasionally.
Just something to think about!
Those sprouts look good- it must be a mom thing because my mom has recently jumped on the sprouting bandwagon too hehe!

Manda said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I really hope you're right--being half asian and swearing off soy... let me tell you, I think that would offend my mother 100x more than writing off meat--meat, pfft. Buddhists priests don't eat meat.

Soy... SOY?! YOU MEAN NO MORE SOY SAUCE OR TOFU OR... you get the idea. Eek.

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romina said...

Oh my goodness, that salad looks fabulous!! I love corn and huge salads, mmm!!!