Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sorry I've been MIA for so long! I was gone for two weeks up north measuring Thalictrum dioicum with my hands while scaling cliffs and getting most of my protein from oatmeal, peanutbutter, and the occasional bean. :P But seriously, it was fun! (I also went 'frogging' while drunk--ok so maybe its not vegan to go and catch frogs, but if it makes you think any higher of me--I couldn't catch a single one! :P Besides, it was catch and release, the herpatology students just wanted to learn about them--all in the name of ecology (and often conservation!))

Since then I've done some cooking--I made my first seitan sauges ever using this recipe by Vegan Dad Here they are: P5250019

I also made a really pretty oriental salad with goji berries, seasame seeds, snow peas, carrots, and okra. P5200005

I bought those ingredients, plus taro root and jicama at a chinese market for cheap cheap cheap! Taro root tastes like coconut flesh when raw--but apparently I shouldnt eat it raw because its toxic? Can't make me more sick than i already am!!

That note brings me to the real point of this post: I am not ok. Not long after I went vegan I started to get severe gastrointestinal problems... mostly embodied by a really foul odor... *cough* Anyway... I always thought my intestines would get used to it and all, but when I was up north it went away and when I came back to TO it's worse than EVER... I don't think its gluten, cus I lived off of bread those two weeks.. so I'm going to try and cut out soy for the next two weeks. Considering the fact I'm working out every day (I even got myself a personal trainer to teach me how to use free weights--so far its going great) and I'm training for a marathon (and I'm doing the Run for the Cure (for Breast Cancer)--anyone who wants to sponsor me can just follow this link and donate anything from 1 dollar to your hearts desire--every penny helps!!) protein is going to be a major concern for me--I'm already looking into alternatives to soy milk that are better in protein than my almond milk (which is only 1g per cup!!)--I've got lots of beans and stuff too, and might get a protein powder that is soy-free. I would eat seitan, especially since I loved vegan dad's so much--but I sort of noticed it made me sicker after I ate it... wierd? The only soy in it was the tablespoon of soy sauce really, and since I'm half asian I basically grew up on soy sauce and tofu, so this is all confusing me.

If you have any suggestions as to what it could be, if not soy, please do share. Until then, I'm gonna try soy-free...

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Megbot said...

Hey, it's nykoelle from the other place :) I have a soy problem too, it's really only with processed soy products. I can eat a whole bowl of edamame and be fine. I cut out all my soy dairy products and fake meats and am fine now. Soy lecithin doesn't bother me, nor does unprocessed organic tofu. But cheap tofu and tofu desserts, forget it.

Soy free things to try? Good Karma rice ice cream will make you never, ever go back. Canned chinese vegetables in... anything. I digest Bragg's animo stuff fine and that's like soy sauce. Goodluck, I've struggled with food allergies a lot the past few years, I understand what you're going through :)