Saturday, June 21, 2008


So me and two of my sorority sisters who are veg*n decided to get together to experiment a bit with vegan cooking. Since I didn't know what they had and didn't want to run back to my house (which we ended up doing ANYWAY cus I forgot the nooch. D'OH!) I packed everything I could think of that maybe she wouldn't have.


(In the cardboard box are my knives and a few things from the fridge like tahini, apple sauce, miso, etc.) As you'll see a lot of this is just spices and dried beans. Not exactly stuff you wont find in a 'regular' household, just never know what the recipe calls for--since we hadn't picked our recipes yet. (Notice the ton of books I had ready to choose from) In the end we just made seitan and tempeh. They were both good, and while the tempeh did disagree with me a bit--it definately wasn't half as hard on me as most soy products!

My friends helped me make chocolate covered banana lollies for a street-party potluck that was that evening, which we froze cus I feel like banana tastes like ice cream when frozen. They were a hit. Yummmmm. (I bought the chocolate from wal-mart, it was just a dark belgian chocolate which happened to be vegan. :D)


OH! And my package from the vegan snack exchange I set up on the veggieboards arrived. WOW did my sender outdo herself! Thanks again missj5! For those interested join My blog there is 100% dedicated to the exchange so it will give you any info you might need to know about joining in in the future. I hope to make this something that happens once every 2 to 3 months.


Oh, and here are some brownies I baked the other morning for a certain someone I was going to the zoo with. Me being all embarassed and shy I told him I baked them for my brother and just stole some for us. Lies. They came out kind of bad though, because I sort of winged it. I chopped up a bar of endangered species dark chocolate, added all of the cocoa powder I had left, sifted my regular whole wheat flour to get rid of the bran (but even so, it was obvious it wasn't a dessert flour. Oh well..) I liked it because while they were really chocolatey (and they were my first time using agave ever, which I found soo wonderfully sweet) they didn't HIT me, you know?


From the exchange I brought the same certain someone a brownie and a cookie, and it got me a kiss, so thanks again missj5. Those brownies are sinfully fudgey though--nothing like mine. Lol, he thought I'd baked it at first and was saying how much better it was. He was probably a bit embarassed when I let him know that I didn't bake those, just the worse ones. ;) Its ok, I'm no baker.

Anyway, a lot of my energy and attention right now is on my assignment that I had 6 weeks to do and am just starting--due next Friday.

Upcoming is volunteering with the Toronto Vegetarian Association ( at the Pride Parade on Sunday. Also, I have recieved permission from all the cookbooks but Very Vegetarian to publish some recipes for you all in my reviews--so look for that!


Erin said...

It looks like you packed up your whole kitchen for your cooking fun! And you got a sweet haul in the snack exchange.

Hannah said...

Frozen bananas are one of my favorite summer time treats, and adding chocolate sounds like a great way to change things up a bit.

And wow, talk about an impressive package, it's got about everything a sweets-loving vegan could ask for!