Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Money CAN Buy Me Love. (and why being friendly and talkative really DOES pay.)

Growing up I never really visited The Junction; an area of Dundas St. W quite near my home. Part of it was because I lived closer to Bloor West Village, and part of it was because it simply came off as run down. Since my childhood however it has slowly but surely been improving. Recently, the most noticable of these improvements has been quite relevant to me as three vegan friendly establishments opened; The Beet, The Sweet Potato, and Rawlicious.

In any case today my sister and I decided to go for a walk through there--part job-hunting part jus spending time together (which we do all too little nowaday.)

First we stopped into a used bookstore and of course I dart for the cooking section. To my surprise at least 20% of the cookbooks were vegetarian! I picked up a few of the vegan ones and wondered "hmm.. should I get these? They're so much cheaper than in store.. some of them you can't even find in Canada easily.." but my student wallet screamed with indignation and I sighed and left.

After we came across the showroom store for Lavishy--I was so excited; they had jewelry of all sorts--from shiney to shimmery to funky to cute; novelty items and tasteful items and quirky items all at a really good price. I got some watermelon earrings for $10 and a beaded ring and bracelet each for $5! They had some really gorgeous pleather wallets and I know once I get more money I'll be running back!

Anyway, once I got home all I could think about were those cookbooks. And then I thought--well, ok. So yes I'll end up spending maybe $50.00 to $60.00, but I usually would be spending $80 or $90 for the same books, and frankly--I'm going to be vegan for the rest of my life, so I can consider this my older, established self making an investment. Yes, that's right. I pretended I was a time traveller. How else do you reason with your wallet? It bought the argument well enough and I jettied off back to the store!

When I was there I decided to only get the ones with vegan advertised explicitly on the cover--there were raw "uncookbooks" and several vegetarian cookbooks that I believed were in fact vegan, but even so I could only afford so much. I put the three, mint-condition books I had quickly picked out on the desk of the store owners, which was an antique wooden desk littered with books, and as he started to write up my purchase in his little notebook we chatted. He asked if I was vegan and I said yes, and told him a little bit about the monetary dilemma I had in order to explain why I hadn't just bought these earlier. I also explained that I was a time traveller. Only without those exact words, perhaps. We spoke of some restaurants in the area and just this and that as I flipped through the other cookbooks available to me to see if any really stood out--but my wallet, time traveller or not, was beginning to moan so I decided it was time to pay.

The owner looked at my purchase and said "You know what? I want to cut you some slack--you're a student and I get that. I'm going to give you a small discount." I was so happy--I figured he'd take maybe two or three dollars off the total... in fact? He took a couple dollars off each book!


The Voluptuous Vegan, priced $27.50CAD on the spine he was selling in store for 12.99--he gave it to me for 10.99. Fresh & Fast Vegan Pleasures, priced $24.00CAD he was selling in store for 10.99, and sold it to me for 9.99! Finally, Very Vegetarian, priced $27.99CAD he had up for 16.99 and sold it to me for 14.99! Altogether, after tax, my bill was $37.77CAD--for three huge mint condition vegan cookbooks that would have been $90.61 at regular price--not to mention possible shipping!! (Foods that don't bite back I actually got for five bucks at Chapters in the clearance bin. Chapters is like the Canadian version of Borders.)

I have already flipped through them and am so impressed by these books--they're truly gems!! My plan is to give a review of each of them, after cooking a few of their dishes and reading through them more carefully--so look for that!

Other things that are upcoming: I have recieved some encouragement to work on that show now that its the summer and have decided I will most definately do so. I'm practicing these days making salads and stuff on camera to just get used to speaking to a camcorder. I have no video editing skills AT ALL and if anyone wants to jump up and say "I CAN DO THAT" then we really *can* get this show on the road. If not.. well.. I'll try and get at least one up by the end of the summer...


Karyn said...

You got a great deal on those cookbooks. I am totally jealous! I hope when you get a chance you can share some of the recipes that you tried and liked.

..or even the ones that just sound of us can try them out and review them for you..LOL

I enjoyed the links to the cafes and stores. We have nothing like that where I live, so its fun to experience these places through you. Thank you!

I can't wait to see more places and try some new recipes!

Erin said...

Reading a new cookbook for the first time is the best. How nice of him to give you a sweet deal!