Sunday, June 8, 2008

SoyAge, by GranoVita

When I was in the Big Carrot (a store which I love, by the way..) I was glancing at the soy yogurt, as is habit (yogurt and eggs were the two things I had to give up going vegan, as you might have read previously.) and I saw these:


Despite my slight soy intolerance, I HAD to try them, thinking it might just be a brand of soy yogurt in Toronto that could begin to rival european soygurt (look ma I coined a term.) They had several flavors but eagerly I grabbed the two that seemed the most appealing and added them to my cart.

This morning I took one out for breakfast; hoping to have a creamy yogurt treat with its beautiful tang and tart flavor help me start my day. I was, unfortunately, dissapointed. That's not to say it wasn't good--it just wasn't yogurt at all. Once I got past my initial dissapointment I allowed myself to enjoy it; I don't know what to compare it to, other than it was a little creamy, very fruity, and had an interesting texture that was like a mixture between custard and jello. A very set pudding perhaps, or jam, but not as sweet. On the label as I read more closely, the main ingredients were fruit and soy was only 2% of the whole shebang. Well, even though it wasn't what I'd hoped for--at least my body wasn't going to suffer for it. (I doubt 3g of soy will cause me serious discomfort, but we'll see.)

SoyAge: Inside

SIDE STORY: I also saw vegan "chef-grade" puff pastry, vegan frozen pie crusts of all sorts (whole wheat, spelt, etc.), lots of vegan instant dinners/hors d'ouvres/etc, Kelp Caviar--all of which I'd be happy to review if someone is interested in knowing about them. I myself reasoned; I didn't buy these things as an omni, why would I buy them now?


vania said...

Manda, great to find your blog too! I can't believe that about your friend. Grr....

But, i'm so glad you posted about kelp caviar. I had no idea that vegans could find even this to substitute! Wow, aren't we a clever bunch?!

Veggie said...

Wow, that soy yogurt looks slimy, I don't think i'd want to eat that. I've only tried one brand of soy yogurt so far and I haven't been very happy with it. It takes like it's moldy (well, to me anyway!) and I even bought it more than once just in case the first was a bad one.

However, the vanilla soy yogurt works well in the low-fat cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.

It's so awesome to find another veg blogger from Canada that likes to try new food products as much as I do.