Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wow.. I'm sorry! Here's how my trip went!

First of all I really really want to apologize for my lack of posting. I keep meaning to do it and managing not to. So here I am, DOING IT.

My trip went well, I met one of my best friends' Aunts and explored Kitchener/Waterloo. I bought some frames and a plate for plating at liquidation world, and a vegan cookbook for 99c at the Salvation Army! It's by The Big Carrot--a store I believe I mentioned in my blog before.

Anyway, I also went to this wonderful little spice shop one morning. It had EVERYTHING. Here's what I got (with the little cash I had on me..)


Wasabi Peanuts!! These things were sooo addictive!!!


So many recipes I want to try called for Keffir Lime Leaves so now I have them, and I'd remembered reading about zaatar. Zaatar definately had a GORGEOUS smell to it and I just had to have it. I later read its usually just mixed with oil as a dip... I decided to sprinkle some on some tomatoes, and eat it with some pumpernickel (which is my love affair, by the way.. luckily finding vegan loaves is doable even at my "No Frills" (a lower-end grocery store chain in Canada; better prices but usually less selection/quality)


So yummy! I loved it.

We also went to a chinese market and tried some wierd fruit we couldn't find the name of. I believe it starts with an A. It had a texture like a mix between a kiwi and a pear, and it tased like raspberries and bananas and a LOT of Agave nectar!! (SO SWEET)

Unknown name of fruit

I also found some jackfruit in water, actually a few brands had them but this had the lowest sodium of them. I'm sure its available in TO (what isn't?) but I hadn't seen it yet, so I picked up a can. I would've gotten more but I had forgotten my wallet, and my friend's aunt treated me to it--but I didn't want to push it!


I also stopped in on a nice little farmers market in Kitchener


but most of the produce etc was too expensive for me--they did have some jewelry for a steal though, and I got some nice earrings and a bracelet.

When I was there I tried the choc-cherry bar I mentioned in my movie

Choc-Cherry Bar

It was pretty yummy!

Choc-Cherry Bar

It was moist and sweet--very chocolatey and dessert-like.

All in all a good trip! :)


Karyn said...

Everything looks really yummy, but that fruit looks like a Cherimoya to me. They grow them near my Mom's house in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

I think they are sometimes called "Alligator Pears" though....maybe that's the "A" name.

I can't get them here in Arizona and I do miss them.

Manda said...

I looked up Cherimoya and you're totally right, thats what they are!!! Mmmm...

Sorry about them not being common in Arizona though.. it's strange because California isn't too far from Arizona..

Karyn said...

I know, my Mom lives in central California and I used to live in southern California..they were hard to find even down there..but they are soooo good!
Almost like a creamy sherbet or custard...I never could decide exactly what they tasted like.

Erin said...

Glad you had a good trip! I'd love to shop in a spice store like that.