Friday, July 18, 2008

Spanish "Dairy"

No-name or supermarket brand soy yogurt from Caprabo and.. um.. another I can't remember? As well as brands from Danone etc. Soy yogurt drinks as well!

Oat yogurt (Bought one to try)

Almond and Hazelnut puddings

Hazelnut, Tigernut (not chufi though), Oat and QUINOA milk! (I bought some Quinoa milk--it only comes as a powder but thats cool; means I can bring it home)

Why is Canada so behind?!

So, if you can't tell--I'm back in Spain. I went to NYC first but ended up here. I know I know I promised cookbook reviews; to both the readers and the writers of those books I apologize profusely. Both my grandparents are really rather unwell but are slowly getting better. My second cousin of three months is also in town so between the three everyone's running around with our hair on fire. The moment this calms down I'll start cooking again--for now I'm living off of veggies and beans and whatever people feed me.

I have taken a bit of a 'hiatus' from veganism--I will eat the eggs here. I feel they are actually free range. (Most of my neighbors keep their chickens in very large fenced areas in the backyard and go and collect eggs from their little wooden houses once a day--and sell whatever extra.) I wont cook with eggs myself--its just too wierd for me, but if someone makes me something with egg, I don't mind, knowing where it came from and being scared crapless of the chickens myself; knowing they're taken care of well. Dairy I am still uncomfortable with, despite the fact we let them pasture in the mountains and all that--I feel milk is meant for babies. My standards for the goods I use and clothes I wear have not changed. But I am now ovo-vegetarian. Once I return to Canada I will likely return to veganism, but of course I will keep this blog completely vegan either way. I hope this doesn't deeply upset anyone...

Photos of these 'dairy' products to come, and reviews hopefully--the soy I might end up trying even though it doesnt agree with me; we'll see. :)

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Veggie said...

QUINOA milk!! really? That's really different, I'd like to try it though.