Sunday, August 3, 2008

Spain is almost done

My grandparents are much better, for those who are curious--I'm still spending the majority of my days and nights sitting with my grandparents. I have looked at all the cookbooks I promised to review and my issue is all the recipes either require an ingredient (be it ingredient or spice) that I can't easily get in Spain, include soy, or use the oven. While I could find a way around any of the above issues, it would be a hassel that likely would also make the food come out badly--or me just not like it. (As much as I adore what soy does to me... I even avoided all of the soy yogurt while I was here. Honest.)

One thing I'd really like to do is a fast--so I decided I might as well fast till I get back to Toronto: it sure would make my flight easier (since I didn't ask for a vegan option). So here we go: A 3 day water fast (Monday to Wednesday) and I will spend Thursday and Friday incorporating juices and some fresh fruits and vegetables back into my diet. I will try and update daily as that might help me keep to it... We shall see. Why do I want to fast? Lets say I read up on all of the ailments a fast should cure you from and I feel I could benefit.

Has anyone done a fast before? How was it for you? Any tips? I'm especially concerned coming off of the fast: any tips for how I should do that, especially to avoid binging? (While I'm not doing this to lose weight, I'd rather not gain because of it...)

In other news; the second veggie board snack exchange is officially underway! I did not include myself this round because I simply don't have the money or energy to put a package together, but I'm really excited to see what other people get! :)

Cheers! -ED

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