Monday, August 4, 2008

Water Fasting--Is it Healthy?

I've been water fasting for approximately 20 hrs now, and while I feel fine I started to wonder--is it really that healthy?

I mean over and over we're told to never starve our bodies, that less than 900kcal a day is super bad, that no protein will result in severe muscle loss--so is it ok? On the other hand, I really wish I could cleanse my intestines, I feel like I would really benefit to get rid of all of that.

Liquid fasts sound more sound to me, but even then? I'm going to call off my fast and maybe do it in a few weeks once I've gathered more information. I've been reading around and all the medical opinions seem strongly against it, and only homeopathic sites are for water fasting. While I prefer naturopathy/homeopathy... I'm not sure how quick I want to be about discarding medical opinions? I'm at quite a crossroads..


Vegyogini said...

I did a detox once, but it was not a fast by any stretch of the imagination. I picked up Alex Jamieson's book The Great American Detox Diet and it was a really wonderful experience. This is the vegan diet Chef Alex used to detox her then-boyfriend Morgan Spurlock at the end of his McDonald's binge documented in his film "Super Size Me." It's a very healthy detox and there's no starvation involved, so it might be something to look into when you get back home. Good luck!

Eve Love said...

my boyfriend do a fast at least once a year. he only drinks water for around 3 or 4 days. he feel quite funny the 2 day, but it gets ok after.
he tries to start eating back with fruits and vegetables only afterward for a day.
I never tried it, but wish had enough will power to do it.
i read some really great books that recommend fast. I suggest you read some DR. Herbert Shelton, he's great.

Carol said...

please ask a health professional for information (or a nutritionist). there are a lot of very questionable resources around based on junk science. I think you are right to wonder about the possible adverse effects.

Manda said...

vegyogini--I checked it out and am super interested. I read a few exerpts from google books and the basic outlined diet is something I already follow. I'll definately either library it or read a bit of it in a bookstore and perhaps purchase it if it tells me something I don't already know.

eve love--thanks for the suggestions, again I'll definately look into it.

carol--haha, thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy for questioning it!