Monday, September 22, 2008

Excitement Excitement!

My days certainly have turned around.

Food chair for recruitment has been insane. I've been shopping and cooking like no tomorrow. I've whirred out litres upon litres of hummus (which I've quite perfected into a silky smooth whipped art), chopped pounds of celery and carrots, steamed barrels of corn, and who knows what else. (Including decorating two 12" by 18" cakes into slates.)

So yesterday I felt like crap and popped a few cups of popcorn, slathered with ketchup and nooch, and put on the season 1 disk of Greek and munched away while seeing what people seem to be falling heads over for (and I too have taken to after 6 episodes of popcorn munching goodness.) That cheered me up a good bit and then my SO called and that made me super happy. We both admitted that we really couldn't wait a full month until we saw each other and made plans for me to go on October 3rd to Montreal. I'm so excited--him and I are going to check out a vegan restaurant (or two); some terrace bars, see if we can't go to the Contemporary Art Museum (which happens to have an open night the first Friday of every month--which we'll be there fore) and of course, most importantly, see each other.

Then, today, to add to my high, I get an e-mail from Ruth Toth; founder of Fresh. At first I got super excited thinking maybe, just maybe I'd somehow gotten an interview despite my lack of serving experience. Unfortunately not so, but instead I'd won a $100 gift certificate from a draw I was entered in for my feedback. When I went in today to get it I got the opportunity to talk to both the owners of the branch just 2 doors down and they were both amazing people. One of them went on a search for my resume, so fingers crossed she finds it--I left her my name and phone number and asked if she could let me know if she couldn't find it, so I'd resubmit it. I spoke to the other owner about Agave Nectar and Teese; he seemed really interested in trying out Teese so who knows, maybe I too will be exposed to this seventh vegan wonder of the world.

So yeah, there's my update of excitement!

More soon, with photos hopefully! Keep your fingers crossed for me--hopefully I get an interview!!! Oh, and wish me luck for recruitment--we've got a lot of quality girls coming to our final round, so here's hoping they accept our bids! (Tomorrow night!!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Vegan This, Vegan That

So what is of the up you may ask? With the sorority's fall recruitment prep in full swing (I've taken on the position of Food Chair, so needless to say I'm doing a LOT of cooking. My hummus makes my sisters go wild; hopefully the potential new members will be as impressed!)

The open date for my latest exchange came and went and so far seems to have gone well. The US postal service took their liberties with the package of one of our recipients; who happens to be a mod over at the veggieboards... Within hours I'd managed to round up a group of other participants each willing to pitch in 5 bucks (or in the case of the origional sender, 45! She's working on getting the insurance to pan out the cash by the way; i'd feel horrible if she had to pay for TWO packages..) and sent out this gift. (Photo taken by the user, Froggy, when he got it..)

I'm happy with how it came out--I hope he really truly enjoys it all!

I can't wait to start sending the SO packages. He phones me and writes to me whenever he can (<3) anad says that soon enough he will be able to recieve small packages--the indoctrination period ends this weekend. I'm still hoping to go see him at the end of October. mmmmm Montreal!!! Je l'aime! <3

Also, I've decided I would be an awesome vegan server--I'm really friendly and have a great memory and attention to detail.. I know a ton about vegan food, food allergies, and special diets and have cooked for all of them, so I can really help people with the menu... and I think I'd just love a job where I get to share the joy of (vegan) food with people!! I've started handing out resumes.. it started with just one and now I'm slowly expanding the circle of applications, mostly because I realized with no waitressing experience I'm going to have to throw a lot more darts to get a bullseye. Fingers crossed!!! Wish me luck!! (And if I get hired, come eat at the restaurant!! There are so many of you Ontarionian vegans!!)

Lifeguarding and instructing is awesome, but downtown Toronto has no city pools!

Well, that's my update for now. I got a new camera, though photo-quality wise its actually not better than my last, its just (a) slimmer and (b) mine. My dad didn't want me to take his when I moved (reasonably).