Friday, January 23, 2009


I go to the Hart House every day to work out. It is approximately a 10 minute walk from where I live. 15 if I'm moving slow (which I often do on the way back, as I practice my bellydancing while walking. I figure its under a down coat--no one knows, right? Im sure I look ridiculus but whatever.)

Ugh, ugh ugh ugh. Posters for Mark Bittman's talk have been catching my eye for months, he gave a talk at 7pm on Wednesday, and unfortunately I had class 6-8pm. Still, I have to admit I simply forgot. Maybe its for the best, I really shouldn't skip my class.

Anyway, I read this and it just made me more sad for missing out.

Though I have to admit, vegan until 6 is kind of strange.. especially since most would take that to mean dinner=indulge to excess. Vegan until 6, and then vegetarian I'm totally cool with, but "anything goes" is a little iffy advice. While to him it might mean a veeery little bit of meat, I can see this to most meaning an entire steak. Oh well, either way I like that someone so popular has woken up to the issues on meat.

For the record though, and don't hate me, but I'm currently vegetarian. I don't know if I mentioned... there's a list of reasons but in the end its just a personal choice. I do still drink soy/almond milk (my body has gotten a lot better with soy), use vegan products, eat mostly vegan protein bars (mmm Luna bars) etc. Really its mostly just yogurt and some egg whites back in my diet. That being said, I'll avoid posting here unless its vegan, I just wanted to be 'straight' with you guys, especially if I'm gonna start posting more often.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Yummiest Contest on Earth

Diet, Dessert and Dogs is holding an ultra-amazing giveaway contest.

She's giving away chocolate, AND baked goods--though you can only cash in on the baked goods if you're a TO resident. Best of luck to everyone though, and be sure to check out her blog in general--its pretty great!

As for a personal update: I'm sorry I'm being so bad about it, I really am... I'm at a bit of a crossways in life I suppose.. I'm seeing if I can get more into food photography and at the same time trying to figure out a bajillion other things in life.

The sorority is ridiculus, we just had rigged elections. I don't even care if somehow this post gets back to me, its just insulting being forced to vote when you're only given one candidate and you know even if you vote "no" they'll be put into the position. Don't get me wrong, I love the candidates, but I (and they) find the rigging disgusting.

I met a chef (not even vegetarian..) who I actually really liked, and was excited about doing some food photography with (using a friends digital SLR, how exciting!) but unfortunately he's gone AWOL on me. (I'm a tiny half-asian vegetarian, how scary can that be? Apparently scary enough..)

I'm going to Costa Rica super soon to study tropical ecosystems.

I'm going to the gym every day, and have also taken up Pilates and Belly Dancing--the both of which I love.

I'm hoping to get a job at the lab of my dreams this summer and perhaps into an indepentent study project in that lab next year.

I am eagerly awaiting the summer; its farmers markets, time to cook, and of course--nature!!

xoxo all