Sunday, February 8, 2009


The past few days "Betty" comic strips have been making me really happy. (Full Vegetarian series is Feb 2 to 8th, I believe, but I chose the ones I really liked most.) I want to share with you:

February 4th

Ever heard "only pansies are vegetarian"? Are you kidding me? If you're one of this big, macho guys who craves meat day and night, you better be one TOUGH MAN to be able to say too bad to those cravings and do whats right anyway. All the more reason to make me swoon. <3

February 5th

Haven't we all heard the "but plants have feelings too" thing? <3 this.

February 6th

Amazing retort to "I like the taste of meat". I like the taste of a clear concience! <3

February 7th

He should check out some of the blogs I have linked here--I'm sure he'd get some really amazing recipes off of Tofu Mom, or Vegan Dad, or (of course) Jonie... and that's just a start!

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