Sunday, February 1, 2009

Turns out Vegans CAN get Salmonella

Clif Bars and LUNA bars, among several other health bars that use peanut butter, are on voluntary recall because of salmonella incidents.. Ironically enough, I saw this after I got home from buying an entire case of 15 Nutz over Chocolate LUNA bars.. *sigh* I hate that Canada only carries 5 of the flavors, and that really that's the only one I care for.. oh well, I'll have to settle for the others and take these back for exchange asap.

And here I thought I could scoff in meat-eaters faces about salmonella and the rest.

In other news.. just over a week till Costa Rica. I am SWAMPED with work. AUGHGHGHG. I have literally gained 5 pounds with the stress, but no worries--hiking every day and living off of fruit for 2 weeks cus their rice and beans aren't vegetarian will likely get me back into shape. I *have* been going to the gym every day--but I have a body fat scale and know as a fact, a bit over half of those pounds were *not* muscle. :P

P.S. I am in love with soy milk and frozen berries. Best snack ever. Unfortunately I have discovered I'm only ok with certain brands of soy milk.. So Nice does not check out (nor Vitasoy, though Silk does) :(

Live and learn.

PPS Dear Clif Bar Company--If you want to send me one of each flavor of your luna bars so I can try them out and be like "oh yum" and then beg the health food stores in Toronto to order a greater range of flavors, I'd be down with that. Just sayin.'


Ricki said...

I was equally miffed about the recall! Oh, and soymilk with frozen berries whirred in the food processor=fruity ice cream!! :)

danakscully64 said...

I'm not afraid of a little salmonella!

*takes bite of Luna Bar*


Manda said...

dying is not recommended by most physicians, you know. Apparently its bad for your health.