Monday, April 13, 2009

so, i know i made this blog vegetarian but it still feels so wrong posting anything that isn't vegan.. i actually have in fact been cooking a lot.

This summer I will be photographing almost everything here:

get fit: summer 09

the blog is my 2009 summer fitness goal blog and hopefully I'll manage to use this tool to help me achieve my personal fitness goals in the next four or so months. Maybe once I get into the habit of posting vetarian meals once again I won't feel as concerned from then on?

We'll see, if not then this officially marks a summer hiatus of earthly delight until sept 09. see you then! x

PS please feel free to check out my other blog... and be perfectly honest if you think I'm being a complete dolt in any way. mk? x


Anonymous said...

Thanks, dear. I normally don't crop at the ankles, but the maplewood flooring was really distracting, and I really liked the white simplicity of a background.
You're so cute! And your pictures from Costa Rica are brilliant.
Take care,

Deanna said...

cool I'll be following!